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Ceramic Coatings 
Premium Glass Ceramics 

Certified Installer

Here at Sunny Coast Auto Detailing we are a Certified and Trained Detailer for all Fireball Ceramic Coatings.

The Next Generation Range have over 90% Glass Ceramic content, making them the most pure coatings on the market.

The coatings set via Chemical Reaction which hard-shells to your cars Paint, Plastic Trim and Wheels with a World Leading gloss and surface finish, protecting your Vehicles Paint for many Years to come.

Suitable for Gloss & Mat finish paints.



We'd love to hear from you


We'd love to hear from you

 -Insane levels of gloss
-Light swirl marks & scratch resistance

-Ridiculous hydrophobic & self-cleaning properties
-Long term durability, 2-10 years.
-Vehicle stays cleaner, longer - MUCH easier to wash/dry
​-Deep glossy finish after every wash, no need for hand applied wax again

-Self healing properties against mild scratches

1. Ceramic Coatings are for "New Cars" only

While it is the best time to protect your Vehicles Paint, this is not true.

Just about every vehicle can be ceramic coated with a visit from the Polishing Doctor.

Depending on your Vehicles Paint condition will vary the process. Swirl marks, bird stains, minor scuffs and scrapes as a general rule are all savable to a certain percentage. No two cars are the same so Vehicles will need to be inspected.


2. You can skip straight to applying a coating if your vehicle is brand new.

You’d think this one would be true, but it’s not. Unfortunately, most new vehicles will be delivered to their owners with defects in the paint. Marks and holograms from improper buffing are the most common. 

If your car sat on the dealer’s lot for some time, it’s also very possible that it’s been washed incorrectly. That means it’ll already be covered with swirl marks.Your paint may need to be properly inspected and corrected before it’s ready for a coating, regardless of whether it’s new or not.

3. Anyone can apply a ceramic coating themselves.

The coatings that offer the most protection for the longest amount of time are for professionals only.

The reason for this is that the coating is so strong that in the event something goes wrong it can only be removed by wet sanding or by machine. Nothing over the counter can achieve this as manufactures do not want the liability so they lesson the content, hence cheapening the product price and is not a true permanent coating. 

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